Goldnigga (Pt. 1, 2 & 3)
Recorded early 1992 (w/ The NPG) and released as the 1st, 8th and 16th tracks on NPG album Gold Nigga (August 31, 1993). Written by Prince, Michael B., Sonny T., Levi Seacer, Jr., Tommy Barbarella, Morris Hayes, Tony M., Damon Dickson & Kirk Johnson.

Hey, what up, y'all?
NPG's n the house kickin' the gift
Talkin' about us livin' n an incubated society
And ain't shit changed n 20 years, y'all
We just n a state of sobriety
That's right
This 1 is subject 2 justification
Cuz we shootin' 4 heads of state, hmph
And 2 my brothers and sisters strugglin' 2 try and learn
Don't b confused by the term

A goldnigga, a term that might seem offensive 2 some
But 1 we've adapted
That means the money's earned
By the knowledge and creative efforts of a black man
Who can feel good cuz there's no blood on his hands
N a time when respect is gotten, not from what a leader might say
But 9 M's, Glock 7's and AK's
It's a shame but that's the way it is
That's the reality of things, our state of mind has been twisted
Demented n the way that seems irreversible
2 much clout and status n the movers and shakers and people with pull
Instead of leading, we r being led
By generations of punk mother... yo Tone, nuff said
Yeah, U right but I must speak on this
B4 me and my people die n this endless abyss
So as we go round and round n an attempt 2 get bigger
I send a shout out 2 all my fellow goldniggaz, stay strong

Goldnigga, we can turn this mutha out
Goldnigga, tell me what U're all about (Stay strong)
Goldnigga, we can turn this mutha out
Goldnigga, tell me what U're all about (Please stop)

Get up, stand up, stand up 4 ur rights
Cuz goldniggaz don't go out without a fight
Mentality's 2 strong, we bring brothers who struggle along
Nevermind preachin' about the prior things they had did wrong
Cuz every new day is a fresh start (Ooh)
And I mean that shit from the bottom of my heart
I place this burden on the shoulders with an upraisal n effect
It's time we earn proper respect (Please stop)
Big up goldniggaz

(Please stop) {repeat sample}
Goldnigga, we can turn this mutha out (Yeah, c'mon c'mon)
Goldnigga, tell me what U're all about (Mmm, say it) (We like it)
Goldnigga, we can turn this mutha out
Goldnigga, tell me what U're all about

U better stop! (Please stop) {repeat sample}

"Tony, I'll spend the night with U on 1 condition"
What's that?
"U gotta have me home b4 dawn"
Uh oh
"My papa's a preacher"
"And he despises sweet-talkin' fine-dressin' dudes like U"
Then that could b a problem
"Why if he knew I missed Sunday church
On account of keepin' company with a brother like U, why he'd..."
(Please stop) {repeat sample}
"He'd... I don't know what he'd do"
"But I surely don't wanna find out"
Well, it's on

(Please stop) {repeat sample}
U gon' b naked
Goldnigga, we can turn this mutha out
Goldnigga, tell me what U're all about

"Oh my God, it is true"
Goldnigga's n the house, baby
"Ooh honey, 1 of us is gettin' saved 2night"
Then rescue me, baby
Come here
(Please stop) {repeat sample}

Damn, mmm...
"Do U love me?"
U know it, uh, yeah
"Would U marry me if I got n ur family way?
Son of Goldnigga, the sequel?
U know that 2, baby

{play slap} Talk 2 me, baby
Tell me who's n the motherfuckin' house
"Ahh, Goldnigga"
Speak the English, baby
(Please stop) {repeat sample}
"Tell me, whatcha gonna do with ur life?"
Whatcha mean?
"Can U really say that U'd help somebody?"
Wait a minute
"Or is this just a carnival ride?"
Oh shit, what the fuck, damn
"What good is a school if it's filled with fools?"
But ah... shut up, shut up
"Goldnigga, it's so easy 2 love U but Goldnigga, who do U love?"
Damn, I was so close
(Please stop) {repeat sample}

{calling whistle}
"Tony, yo, what's up, bitch? Oh shit, nigga"
I haven't see U since high school about 10 years, Roy
"Yeah, ah man, better than I'm feelin"
U lookin' good tho man
"Yeah, U 2 man, U lookin'... hey yo, would U check this out?
Would U help a brother out, man?
I'm kinda n a spot, U know what I mean?"
Ah man, I got little change
"Got myself n a jam, yo yo"
What U need, a little 10, 15 or somethin', man?
"Actually, I could use a bone since U pullin' that out, U know"
Yo man, I ain't seen U n about 10 years, what's up with U, homeboy?

Yo, so as I fade
I send a shout out 2 all my brothers lookin' 4 the hand-out
U know we gots 2 get paid
But check it out
Ah, b ur own man, yeah, c'mon
Ah, b ur own man, yeah
U got 2 b ur own man, yeah
Big up, goldniggaz
(Please stop) {repeat sample}

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