Recorded autumn 2004 and released via the NPG Music Club as a download (October 30, 2004). Written by Prince.

Ah ah

This is a story about a 1 and only mother
There never was b4 and there'll never b another
Hecka motor scooter so fine U wanna shoot her
Just like butter holdin' coup' o' glasscutter

Oh girl
This is a jam about a purple fantasy
Every man noticed how it's supposed 2 b
So sharp, make a brother heart go flutter
Dress holdin' on 2 a coup' o' glasscutter

Oh, oh
This about a hard as Arabian math
Waterdrops drippin' when U're takin' a bath
The towel unravel till it looks like gravel
All a brother can do is just laugh, uh
But under his breath he gon' mutter
But under his breath he gon' mutter
But under his breath he gon' mutter
"Baby got a coup' o' glasscutter"

This about a mother got a brother sprung
I looked up the word heaven, saw a picture of her tongue
If she was a song, she'd b sung
Instead of runnin', I'll b a-singin' so I can brung
Her parmesan, cheddar cheese, please
U better believe she get what she wants
Cuz I want just what she got
I'm a new car and she's a lot, a whole lotta woman

Girl got a case of "2 fine"
She got it bad and that's good
I'm gonna tell her 2 her face cuz another brother would
I'm gonna tell her she make a heartbeat go flutter

Just like butter
Coup' o' glasscutter
Just like butter
Ah ah, coup' o' glasscutter
U make my heart go flutter glasscutter {repeat}

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