Gingerbread Man
Unreleased track 1st played live December 29, 2010 during the Welcome 2 America tour. Written by Prince.

May I tell U a story?
A bedtime story
A new story about a man
This man, he was made of gingerbread
The gingerbread man
I think U're ready 4 the story

Once upon a time these old hands put some dough 2gether
And they made a gingerbread man
Emeralds 4 eyes, cherries 4 buttons
Once they were open, she knew she made them 4 nothing
If U can see me, holler as loud as U can
See if U can catch the gingerbread man

Now, I love me some me
But I'm sick of the I-land
I'm lookin' 4 Ginger, I'm tired of Mary Ann
If U got what I need, holler as loud as U can
This is the story of the gingerbread man

There ain't no drought about it
I can make the weather change
When I make love 2 U, there will b rain
And if U're standing over a puddle
If U're standing over a puddle
If U're standing over a puddle, U can jump on my hips
This little guitar will take U on a sho'nuff trip

Sometimes it snows, sometimes it rains
Do U know how 2 catch the gingerbread man?
If U hear me, holler as loud as U can
Now U understand
Gingerbread man

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