Family Name
Recorded circa 2001 and released as the 12th track on the album The Rainbow Children (October 16, 2001). A live version was released on One Nite Alone... Live! (November 24, 2002). Written by Prince; sample from Martin Luther King, Jr. speech (August 28, 1963).

U have just accessed the Akashic records genetic information division
This program is required 4 those wishing
2 obtain a marriage blessing from the kingdom
When U wish 2 begin this program
Place ur right hand on the scanner
And tightly clench up ur buttcheeks
As U might feel a slight electrical shock
Please select the race history U desire
U have selected "African-American"
This is ur history

1st of all, the term "black and white" is a fallacy
It simply is another way of saying "this or that"
Let's examine the term "this or that" n its ultimate form
Which is "this" means the truth or "that" which is resistant 2 it
When a minority realizes its similarities on a higher level
Not just "black" but "people of color"
And higher still, "indigenous"
And even higher still, "from the tribe of"
And yet higher, "The Rainbow Children"
When this understanding comes
The so-called minority becomes a majority n the wink of an eye
This action will cause a reaction or resistance
The source of this resistance must b banished
As it is n direct conflict with the initial action
It cannot b assimilated 4 its very nature is resistance
N other words, 1 cannot serve 2 masters
U r either "this" or "that," which is not "this"

End of part 1
2 continue, select the program "Family Name"
And type n the current government name U wish history on
London, England, sometime n the early 1600's

"We have the God-given right 2 run out of our colony
Anyone who does not bow down 2 our law" (Ow)
(Hear hear, exactly, that's what I said)
"Say it 4 the majority" (Hear hear... aye... yes)

C'mon, come on, keep it movin' here, come on now
What's ur name, boy? (Abu, Abu Cah)
Well, it ain't now, it's Tom Lynch

Mirror mirror, what U see?
Have I still got those dark clouds over me?
Or am I really feelin' what I feel?
The last days of the devil's deal
Oh mirror, mmm, what U see?

Devil devil, what U know?
U been here since 1914, but now U got 2 go
U been hidin' behind corporate eyes
U wanna war, but U can't fight
Oh devil, ooh, U got 2 go
Yes sir

U might say, "What U mad about?"
But U still got ur family name
Pleased 2 meet U, Mr. Rosenbloom
I'll b John Blackwell just the same
What's ur family name?

Ah teacher teacher, what U say?
Did we really come over n a boat?
Did it really go down that way?
Or did I arrive b4 U and ruin Thanksgiving Day?
Oh teacher, oh, what U say?

Preacher preacher, is it true?
That Jesus wants me 2 give my money 2 the likes of U?
Ride around n ur Lexus coupe
Drive us 2 the cleaners n a pinstripe suit
Oh preacher, huh, that ain't truth

2 the bridge, huh
U might say, "What U mad about?"
Mmm, but U still got ur family name
Pleased 2 meet U, Mr. Pearlman
U can call me Clay, now can I play?

People people, what's ur name?
Maybe we should start all over, let everybody get n the game
Put up a 1-gloved fist
Make a sound
Violet Brown

U might say, "What U mad about?" (Oh)
But U still got ur family name (Oh)
Pleased 2 meet U, Mr. Goldstruck

We found this tape n the Akashic records
This is Thomas Jefferson
"My fellow Americans
If there is a just God, we're gonna pay 4 this!"
No, no!
This is master Brown

"Black men and white men
Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics
Will b able 2 join hands
And sing n the words of the old Negro spiritual
Free at last, free at last
Thank God almighty we r free at last!"

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