Initially recorded circa 2003; re-recorded November 7, 2007 and streamed on website the next day as PFUnk, followed by iTunes download single (November 20, 2007). Written by Prince.

Ah yeah
Drop it now
Don't stop it now
Go'n get it now

Here he comes again
He's gonna try 2 ruin my day
Never had a reason 2 dog me out
U'll never make 'em do what they say
9 times out of 10, uh
Ask 'em if he did, he'd say no
I'll never b a turncoat
Never b the 1 2 sell ur name at the grocery store
U come around, funny stuff b goin' down
Ask him how it happened, yo, he don't know

But I don't care what people may say
I ain't gonna let it ruin my day
The best remedy 4 a basket full of lies is funk
Aint nothin' like funky music
Stomping on my day
Oh yeah
Got 2 give me some of that music

Here she comes again
She got 2 tell the story her way
What U call a girl that's doin' somethin' she don't wanna
Takin' money when crime don't pay?
Every now and then
U'll hear lil' somethin, somethin' that they said, mm
1 man's justice is another man's fear
Don't U wish that U could sleep n my bed?
The only reason 2 say my name is 2 get ur 15 secs of fame
Nobody's even sure what U do

But I don't care what people may say
I ain't gonna let it ruin my day
The best remedy 4 a basket full of lies is funk
There's nothin' like funky music
Let the music play

Whoo! I'm crazy 4 cocoa rock

Well, it might not b "The Grand Progression" but ah...
It sure is funky
Right on
Funky music
Funky music
Like that keyboard? (Funky music)
Easy on the key and easy on the funky beat (Funky music)
Right on, huh
Funky guitar man (Ain't nothing like funky music)
U want some, baby?
Yeah (When I wanna get... how bad?)
U can do more than that man, c'mon, c'mon
(Gotta get me some of this music)
Now... guitar, now guitar
Ooh yeah

How U gonna clap and b gone?
I hate 2 let U, nobody's home
U might not like the taste but I'm still gon' stick ur face n this funk
Stick ur face n it
Gossip again? Ho-hum
Listen 2 my drum

(1 of them... days I'm gonna... nothin' like funky music)
(Sometime done disappear) Digital music disappears n the daytime
(Nothin' like funky music)

When I 1st heard ur face
Listen 2 my bass
Time will tell who we r
Listen 2 my guitar

We don't care what people may say
We ain't gonna let it ruin our day
The best remedy 4 a big fat punk is funk
Ain't nothin' like funky music
Now turn the music up

R U talkin 2 me? Alright, somebody call 911
Y'all trippin
(Funky music)
Look here weavalicious, come here, let me talk 2 U
U and ur boyfriend, let me tell U somethin' right now (Funky music)
U run up on me again with words or otherwise (Funky music)
I'm gon' knock both U punks out
OK, takeoff (Funky music)
Where the ambulance?
It's such a waste 2 take away from me (Funky music)
Whoo! Me? Well, OK
Stop me? No no no
Right on (Funky music)
(Funky music)

(Funky music) {repeat}
Whoa, that funky music, yeah, huh
Now that's funky

There U have it world, huh, that is passing away
We don't care where U go but U got 2 get out of here, OK?
Cancer, chronic fatigue, ugly or just plain poor
I love all y'all
Don't U ever mess with me no more
Ho! What time is it?
Alright then, that's it, y'all
I'm out like the Wolves n the 1st
Ah, but we gon' get it 2gether though
Pookie, is the limo warm? (Yes sir)
Alright, cool
Peace y'all, mm
Stay funky
Haha, right on, right on

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