'll Never B Another Fool
Unreleased track (w/ Prince vox) recorded spring 1995 (originally titled "I'll Never Open My Legs Again"). Chaka Khan released her version on album Come 2 My House (September 29, 1998). Written by Prince, Sandra St. Victor, Chaka Khan, T. Hammer & Vernon Reid.


Mmm, I'll never open my legs again 2 a man who's insecure
Mm, I'll never open my legs again unless I'm really sure
No, I'll never, never, no!
Uh, never b another fool

Sad, but true, I slept with U
I thought we were n love
My eyes were blind, baby
I even got a rose tatoo and that was not enough
Oh, U blew my mind
But I'll never, no, never, no!
Ooh uh, never b another fool

Ooh, never b another, uh
Ooh, no no

Nothing but the best of me I gave with open arms
I loved U so
Alive and well, I'm back from hell
Released of ur charms
Ha, it's time 2 go
Scene 23, exit, fade 2 black
Tell me, why, oh why'd U have 2 come back
This love U need 2 fade
Leave the past 2 yesterday (Uh)
And if only 1 thing is true
I ain't gonna b another fool, ooh!
Never, no no
Never b another fool

No no... never b another fool
If U're thinkin' about callin' - don't
Never, never, never (Never b another fool)
Never b another fool
Never b another fool

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