Love U, But Don't Trust U Anymore
Recorded: Spring 1999
Released: November 9, 1999
Album: Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (13th track)

Written by Prince.
© 2009 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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Rolling... ahem

could tell from the moment U walked N the room
That it wasn't ur dress U had on
That wasn't ur perfume
& what happened 2 the ring that gave U?
What am 2 assume?
love U
But don't trust U anymore

U could tell from the moment U looked N my eyes
That could C right thru U
U must apologize
've always given U the best N life
Even N the wrong, it was right
know U trust me
But U don't love me anymore, no no

remember meeting U here N the good old days
would never pick the flower of my favorite protégé
Maybe if would have
Then U would not treat me this way
U tricked me
But U will not anymore, no no
love U
But don't trust U anymore

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