Recorded September 1992 and released as the 10th track on the album The Vault... Old Friends 4 Sale (August 24, 1999). A live version was released on One Nite Alone... Live! (November 24, 2002). Written by Prince.

Extraordinary love U made 2 me
It's some kind of scary
I would b a fool 2 leave U
4 I was born 2 love U
This is true

Extraordinary the way U make me feel
I'm so very glad it's real and not a dream
Even though it seems I'm dreamin'

The people tried 2 break us up
There were times a little rough
But we survived cuz we had a love extraordinary

I'd give the world 2 U (Ooh...)
Each and everything U do is so very nice
Ah, U make my clock tick 12 twice then disappear
Time and everything else when U r near

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