Digital Garden
Recorded circa 2001 and released as the 3rd track on the album The Rainbow Children (October 16, 2001). Written by Prince.

Love, like a rose n bloom
And all of the Rainbow Children would feel it soon
2 the east word traveled about this energy
Until it reached The Banished Ones who just wanted this love 2 cease

They now fallen n2 (Love, like a rose n bloom)
The Resistor's dream
And they built a digital garden (And all of the Rainbow Children)
Or so it seemed (Would feel it soon)
N its brilliant darkness so-called angels of light
Lies lies...

And all the Rainbow Children will stand and fight
4 everlasting, everlasting life
4 the 1 who sits on the right, 1 who sits on the right...
4 Him we're willin' 2 do the work!

The Banished Ones approaching the palace shouted obscenities
They tried 2 confuse the Rainbow Children and dethrone their king
Using the lies promoted by the whosepapers, hellavision and scagazines
The Banished Ones constructed a digital garden around the palace
That extended throughout the world
Furthermore, they demanded compensation
4 their time spent n the palace b4 the exile
This was noise
Fire! Fire!
"So b it," said The Wise One
And gladly obliged with an invisible deed
The Banished Ones accepted it
And returned 2 their place of birth n Menda City
As 4 the Rainbow Children, they began deconstructing the digital garden
Door 2 door they went n search of those willing 2 do the work

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