Dead On It
Recorded: March 1987
Released: November 22, 1994
Album: The Black Album (3rd track)

Written by Prince.
© 1994 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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Riding N my Thunderbird on the freeway
turned on my radio
2 hear some music play
got a silly rapper
Talkin' silly shit instead
& the only good rapper is 1 that's dead on it
Uh, dead on it
Shall we go back?
Yeah - let's go

Negroes from Brooklyn
Play the bass pretty good
But the ones from Minneapolis
Play it like it oughta should
A microphone is better
When U got a groove on it
& the 2 & 4 is funky
When the grease is dead on it (Funky)
Dead on it
Uh, dead on it
Shall we go back?
Let's go
They dead on it - wow

C, the rapper's problem
Usually stem from being tone deaf
Pack the house & try 2 sing
There won't B no 1 left (Hahaha...)
On it

Parking lot's on fire
Brothers peelin' out of town
They say N disgust
"They ain't singin' their guts
Rappin' done let us down...
They got 2 B dead on it"
Dead on it

All the sisters like it
When U lick 'em on the knees
Don't believe me? (Nope)
Do it once, then stop
They'll B beggin' please, please, please
Shoo-b-doo-wa - dead on it
What does that have 2 do with the funk?
But who's payin' the bills?
If U don't wanna lick my knees
'm sure ur mama will
Uh, cuz we... dead on it
Dead... on it, on it
La la la la...

My bed's a coffin
Dracula ain't got shit on me
My nickname's Beelzebub
'm badder than the Wicked Witch
got a gold tooth
Cost more than ur house
got a diamond ring on 4 fingers
Each 1 the size of a mouse
They dead, they dead on it
Yeah, ooh
La la la la...

Wait now
Hang up!
Dial tone on the 3
U know, U know, 'm busy
2 scizzy
Can't nobody fuck with me
Becuz 'm dead on it...
Shoo-b-doo-wa-wa - dead on it
Dead on it...
Dang, dang... (Dead on it)
Shoo-b-dang, dang... dead on it

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