Da, Da, Da
Recorded: March 1996
Released: November 19, 1996
Album: Emancipation (8th track - disc 3)

Written by Prince & Scrap D.
© 1996 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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Da, da, da...

(Yeah, c'mon - like that, y'all
B like bet ur life) {repeated sample}

It's like rollin' N a Bronco
Pumpin' them pumps
U know what 'm sayin'?
On Broadway or somethin'
U know what 'm sayin'?
Yeah, straight up

Hey yo, call the paddywagon
've seen a black boy cash stackin'
Smirk on my face screamin'
"Fuck the Grand Dragon"
4 the fast cash
We B thinkin' 2 slow
Clownin' each others
On the damn talk shows
don't wanna house
But gotta stick & rob
got a disease
It's called, "Can't find a job"
Smokin' on the herbs
Help me C a little better
Lookin' 4 a job
N this cold ass weather
Watch out
'm tryin' 2 get my shit 2gether

Da, da, da... (Gotta keep it goin'...)
It's been kinda lonely

Hey yo, as soon as come home
'm stressed by my mama
Questionin' my whereabouts
Like 'm the Unabomber
Question mark, comma
Freeze all the drama
Intensive care flows
4 all U hos smacked with trauma
As sit back with my blunt & gin
Grab a pen
Write a song about a million black men
Tryin' 2 blame all this violence on gangs
What about those fools
Who kill 4 nothin' & hijack planes?
Get ur shit 2gether (Let me hear ya)

Da, da, da... (Gotta keep it goin'...)

Yo, 'm goin' 4 the gold
Like a olympic sprinter
Fuck the bullshit
Steaks 4 dinner this winter
Yo, 've seen a murder scene
That left a fool scarred
Plus saw a prisonyard
Way b4 a schoolyard
Time's ruff plus time's runnin' out
My mom said if trip 1 more time
'm gettin' kicked out
& ain't tryin' 2 make excuses
But lookin' 4 a job N the ghetto
Is fuckin' useless
Get ur shit 2gether (Let me hear U sing)
Straight up

Da, da, da...
Yeah, uh
(Let me hear U sing)
Da, da, da... (Gotta keep it goin'...)

Ask urself ur destination
What the source of the inspiration B
& U will find
A spirit tryin' 2 get back 2 the mind
How U was N ur mama's belly
Live & let live was the order of the day
What U say?
Lovin' 1 another is the only way

Da, da, da...
If U believe N 1 thing
If U believe N 2 things
If U believe N anything
Then let me hear U sing
Da, da, da...
Keep on believin'
Huh, Lord

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