Recorded: April 20, 1982
Released: October 27, 1982
Album: 1999 (5th track)

Written by Prince.
© 1982 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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Get on the floor
What the hell'd U come here 4?
Girl, it ain't no use
U might as well get loose
Work ur body like a whore
Mm, say everybody
Get on the beat
We're gonna show U mothers how 2 scream
Ooh, people everywhere
Loosen up ur hair
Take a deeper breath
& sing along with me, yes
R U ready?

Everybody, everybody
Ooh, alright
Dance, music, sex, romance
Oh, everybody say...
Ooh, alright
Dance, music, sex, romance

Loosen up
Shake it like U just don't care
Never mind ur friends
Girl, it ain't no sin
2 strip right down 2 ur underwear
say everybody, mm
Screw the masses
We only want 2 have some fun
say do whatever we want
Wear lingerie 2 a restaurant
Policeman got no gun
U don't have 2 run

Ooh, alright
Dance, music, sex, romance
Everybody say...
Ooh, alright
Dance, music, sex, romance
Everybody clap ur hands now

All the white people
Clap ur hands on the 4 now
1 2 3...
Listen 2 me
don't wanna B a poet
Cuz don't wanna blow it
don't care 2 win awards
All wanna do is dance (Yeah!)
Play music, sex, romance
& try my best 2 never get bored
If U feelin' alright
Let me hear U scream

Somebody say...
Dance, music, sex, romance {repeated}
Everybody say...

Jamie Starr's a thief
It's time 2 fix ur clock
Vanity 6 is so sweet
Now U can all take a bite of my purple rock
Can we stop?
R U ready? (Hey!)

Everybody sing this song now
Ooh, alright
Dance, music, sex, romance
{repeat chorus}
Everybody say...
Negroes say...
Puerto Ricans say...
Everybody sing this song
All the white people N the house say...
Japanese say 1 time
Everybody sing 2gether, say...
"Somebody call the police..."
Say, ooh
"Help me! Some1 please help me!"
"Somebody help me!"

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