Unreleased Radiohead cover song performed live once April 26, 2008 at the Coachella Festival in California. Original composed by Thom Yorke on 1993 album Pablo Honey.

When I was here b4
Couldn't look U n the eye
It's just like an angel
Skin makes U cry
I float like a feather
This beautiful world
U wish U were special
So do I, uh

U're a...
U're a liar
Whataya doin' here?
U don't belong here, yeah

U don't even care if it hurts
U just wanna have control
U want a perfect body
U want a perfect soul
U want me 2 notice, yes U do
When U're not around, girl
I wish U were special, yes I do
Cuz I think U're special, oh

Maybe I'm justa...
Whatcha say, baby, quit the lyin'
What r we doin' here?
We don't belong here

Shoo-do-do-dooo... {repeat}

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