Count The Days

Recorded May 1994 (w/ The NPG) and released as the 8th track on NPG album Exodus (March 27, 1995) and again on Girl 6 soundtrack (1996). Written by Prince.

Count the days

Here's a church, here's a steeple
Here's a muthafucka that I gotta blow away
Here's my chance 2 cure the ills of the people
But not until I make this muthafucka pay
And oh, baby, I count the days
Yeah yes
I count the days

Here's the interview, here's the time
If I keep ur secrets, will U keep mine?
If we hurry, we can catch the train
If it was left up 2 U, I would die n pain
That's why I count the days
Oh yeah
Whoa, I'm counting (Oh)
Hear me
Counting the days

Great day n the mornin', my choir sing a pretty song
Every day I'm with ur ass is another day wasted, I swear is a day 2 long
Counting like Frankie Beverly without Maze
I'm counting
Muthafucka, I count the days
Can I count on? (Hey)
Count on? (Counting)
Count on? (Hey yeah)
I count the days

Count the days {repeat}

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