Come Elektra Tuesday
Unreleased track recorded on May 26, 1985 (Prince lead vox; Jill Jones background vox). Written by Prince.

She got a movie star attitude the girl can't hide
Jean Harlow n her prime
Looka here
She got a spooky kind of half-moon look n her eyes
Scare a sane man out of his mind
She... she put U n a trance with the scent
Becomin' like a dog n heat
All the men that touch her came and went
1 kiss but at her feet

I can't stand a hour away from ur hips
Come Elektra Tuesday ur tongue on my lips
I don't need a vacation, ur love is a trip
And I think my personality about 2 flip, hit me

We got the night
I got the feelin' n my socks, baby

Listen 2 me
She drive an Aston Martin n violet and white
Sometime she let me washed it down
When it get 2 clean it still smelled like Tuesday night
Babalú when Elektra's around
Fascination will take U when she lay U up on her chest
Maybe Monday-long, hello the Elektra, U the best
But I got 2, I got 2, I got 2 get it on Tuesday, baby
Cuz Friday, huh, that's a little 2 long

Come Elektra Tuesday, Friday 2 long
Don't U make me wait, don't do me wrong

Come Elektra Tuesday, Friday 2 long
Come Elektra Tuesday, don't U do me wrong
Come Elektra Tuesday, I want U so strong
Come Elektra Tuesday

U gotta, gotta
I wanna talk a little bit

Her body's so long, I climb it at night
N the hopes I 1 day reach the top
I'll suffer alone 2 know what frightens U
Until that day, till that day I... I won't ever stop

Come Elektra Tuesday
Come Elektra Tuesday
Body much 2 long, I got 2 have U 2night (Come Elektra Tuesday)
I got 2, uh, I got 2 have U 2night (Come Elektra Tuesday)

Come Elektra Tuesday
Till Tuesday

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