Cold Coffee & Cocaine
Recorded rehearsal in autumn 1983 and released as 8th track on album Piano & A Microphone 1983 (September 14, 2018). Written by Prince.

Cold coffee and cocaine
Sexy, yes, hit me now
Baby, uh

This the last time, baby, I eat over at ur place
Last time, baby, I eat over at ur place, yes
All I get, uh
Is this cup of cold coffee and cocaine and ur ugly face, look out
Uh, U can't fuck with that
Sexy n here, uh
Kinda cheesy and breezy
Cold coffee and cocaine, uh

Oh Lord
Let me see, let, let me see now
I said last time, baby, I spend that night
U know what night I'm talkin' about, ho, uh
No, kinda cheesy, no, uh
I said that's the last night, baby, I spend at ur house
Oh Lord
What, let's see, what rhymes with house?
Yeah, U know what, oh yeah
I'm sick of that black mouse, oh
U know which 1 I'm talkin' about, uh

I never wanted no woman who had it already made, uh
I never want a woman, no, that had it already made
Oh, U know what I'm talkin' about, baby
I said which, what, how?
Oh Lord
Why, why didn't U tell me, baby, U had a little black mouse? Uh
Good God, U can't fuck with that

Oh, kinda cheesy
What happened, baby? What happened?
Did, did the papa, did the papa mouse leave ya?
What, is that my fault, baby, is that my fault? Is it? Huh?
It is? What? Uh
Oh baby
Oh baby, that kinda cheesy
No, breezy, no, shit
Good God

Oh little black mouse, how!
I don't want no cold coffee and cocaine
I don't want no, yeah, cold coffee, coffee and cocaine, cheesy
U can't... oh Lord, uh
Cold coffee and cocaine

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