Cloreen Bacon Skin
Recorded on March 27, 1983 and released as the 8th track (disc 2) on album Crystal Ball (January 29, 1998). Written by Prince.

Yeah, 1 of 'em, yeah, 1 of them nice breezy mothafuckers, ahh
Uh, uh
What U lookin' 4 nigga?
Oh hold it, stop
Motherfucker didn't even have the headphones on
U's, U...

This song is called, this song is called "Bacon Skin"
Hit me, uh
It's dedicated 2 my 1st wife, uh
Her name is, uh, oh Lord
Cloreen, uh
She's just fat, hit me

2 nasty, uh
I said now big dumb U
Bacon Skin, uh
Just fat, uh, but U know where it's at
I wish U was thin Cloreen Bacon Skin, uh
Brotch, U can't fuck with that, look out
And the band said
Look out, said
Wait a minute, I said
Bacon Skin, hit me

Don't touch noth... don't U touch snare or cymbal
U just tap, good God, uh
I wanna sing 2 this girl
I said baby, wait a minute
When we're all alone, uh
When we try 2 make love
Somebody done call U on the phone
I don't know what his name is
But I know, I know this is life
But that, that's real, baby, U's my wife
Cloreen Bacon Skin, wait a minute, uh
Oh good God, I said
Wait a minute, oh, then the band said
Nice and breezy, nice and breezy, come on I said
Once more on the 1, come on and the band said

Uh, that's alright, that's alright
U old motherfucker, U a senior citizen, look out
U can't fuck with me, I'll drive U 2 the ground
OK Jerome, open the high hat, here we go, how!
Rumbling, rumbling, yeah
Keep that pocket, don't get excited, c'mon
Yeah, c'mon, some splash
Good God, everybody say Cloreen Bacon Skin
Everybody say U can't fuck with that
Eruption n ur face
I'm 2 sexy, I'm 2 sexy, sexy 1 n the place, good God
I'm sexy, I'm sexy right down 2 my feet, good God
And I'm sexy, good God, with the bacon meat
Pork meat, close the high hat up, come on say

I can smell that shit
That's nasty, 2 nasty, uh
Y'all let me go, look out
Good God, nasty bass
Eruption n ur face
Good God, look out said
Cloreen, I got somethin' 4 ya
What's the matter, don't U like me?
Am I 2 old?
Splash, oh shit!
Ahh, oh shit
I can't stand it, I can't stand it
Now when I look n the mirror
And I see this ugly face, good God
I just wanna run, I wanna run over 2 ur place, yes
I wanna see, good God, someone that's uglier than um...
I said, I said uglier than me
Uglier than me
Cloreen Bacon Skin

Nice and breezy, look out now
I said fellas, what's the word?
I said fellas, what's the word? Look out
Bacon Skin, come on, splash
What U go'n do with that?
Everybody, everybody come on, dance
Everybody come on, dance
We ain't gonna put no more instruments on this
Just me and Bacon Skin
Alright, that Cloreen's brother 4 my drummer, look out
Oh shit, my hat done fell off
Oh, somebody gonna see my bald spot
Good God, I don't care, I got Bacon Skin, uh
Bacon Skin on my plate, good God
I want 2 love ya, Cloreen, why U wanna make me wait?
I wanna get sexy, I said
Oh Lord, I said
I wanna get sexy
Cloreen, c'mon, get down
C'mon, splash

C'mon, good God
Cloreen's brother Alfred
Alfred, Alfred, I need U 2 talk 2 me son, come on
Alfred, good, come on, Alfred, talk 2 me now
I wanna, I got 2 hear U say, say Alfred
I can't hear ya, c'mon, talk 2 me now
Alfred, come on, talk 2 me now, come on, Bacon Skin
Alfred, do U hear me talkin' 2 ya?
Alfred, don't, don't ignore me
Say nigga, say
Talk 2 me, come on, come on, talk, ha
What cha need, what cha need?
U wanna, U wanna open ur hat?
U wanna open your hat? Well open it up, c'mon, get down!
The volcano erupt n ur face, good God
Oh Lord, old nasty
Alfred, talk 2 me Alfred, c'mon
Oh Lord, I can't stand it
Talk 2 me Alfred, c'mon
There U go, c'mon, Lord
Everybody else c'mon and dance, good God
C'mon, everybody dance
Alfred, c'mon and dance
Ahh dance
I can't stand it, I can't stand it, oh dance
Oh Lord
Alfred, jump up on the bell, c'mon, let's go, good God
Ahh good God, oh shit
Old motherfucker say, I wanna say
We gonna take it home, yes we is

Rumbling, look out
U can't fuck with that shit, yes
Turn it up 1 time, c'mon, I said dance
Shit, oh Lord
Look out, I'm outta phase, I can't stand it
I said uh
I wanna see some of the Bacon Skin
Cloreen, Cloreen, uh
U can't fuck with that, talk 2 me Alfred, c'mon

And the drummer say
What the drummer say
Oh shit, Alfred
Well, where the hand claps at?
Good God, Alfred, uh
We done burn the house down
Burn it down, burn it down, c'mon, c'mon
Say Alfred!

We done burn the house down, we got 2 go
We done burn it down, we got 2 go
What cha can U say after that?
Sexy, c'mon, c'mon, everybody get sexy

Cloreen, I wanna talk 2 U
Cloreen, oh Lord
Cloreen, U're the ugliest woman that I've ever seen
I'm not jivin'
Baby, there's 1 thing the Lord loves and that's the truth
And baby, U 1 ugly motherfucker
I'm not lyin' 2 ya
U know the Lord loves the truth, don't ya?
Well, why the hell can't U take a bath Cloreen Bacon Skin?
Nice and breezy
We don't need no instruments, 2 funky n here, uh
Get sexy
Everybody get sexy
Yes, old and nasty
This funk ain't goin' no place
Cuz it's old, it's old and sexy
Cloreen Bacon Skin

Pound on the floor tom 1 time, c'mon
Yes, uh...
We go'n, wanna go 2 the jungle 1 time, uh
We gonna go 2 the jungle, good God
Go 2 the jungle 1 time, good God, said
And the band say 1 time
Good God, band said
Blisters, I got some blisters, good God
All my brothers and sisters, good God
Bacon Skin, good God
Everybody come on
Uh, mm, ha
Everybody, uh, Bacon Skin
Alfred, we got 2 get the hell outta here

Oh Lord
Let's go over, yo, let's...
Is this where U live Alfred?
Is this where U live?
Oh shit, this a nasty place, this is nasty
This is nasty Alfred
Mmm, I like it, I like it
We, we can't stay here, we got 2 go
We got 2 go Alfred
Oh shit, 2 funky, uh
We got 2 go Alfred
U got any old James Brown records? Huh?
Good God, everybody, Lord
Come on Alfred, pack ur shit
We got 2 get the hell outta here
Open the hat 1 time, put on ur hat, come on
Yes, oh shit
Put on ur hat, good God, uh
Oh Lord, jump up on the bell Alfred, come on, get ur coat

That's a nice coat Alfred
How much U pay 4 that?
That much, huh?
Yeah, I like it
U're glad I like it, huh?
Oh shit
I said, oh Lord
Put on ur boots Alfred, let's go

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