Bob George
Recorded on December 7, 1986 and released as the 5th track on The Black Album (November 22, 1994). Written by Prince.

Girl, let me see U dance

New coat, huh?
That's nice, did U buy it?
Yeah, right, U seein' that rich motherfucker again
U know who I'm talkin' about
That slick back daddy with all the gold n his mouth
Don't try 2 play me 4 yesterday's fool
Cuz I'll slap ur ass n2 the middle of next week
I'm sorry, baby, that's the rules
I pay the rent n this raggedy motherfucker
And all U do is suck up food and heat
Say what? Oh yeah
4 someone who can't stand them TV dinners
U sure eat enough of them motherfuckers

Who bought U that diamond ring?
Yeah, right, since when'd U have a job?
U seein' that rich motherfucker again
What's his name, Bob?
Bob, ain't that a bitch?
What's he do 4 a living? Manage rock stars?
Who? Prince? Ain't that a bitch?
That skinny motherfucker with the high voice?
Please, who do I look like, baby, yesterday's fool?
Don't U know I will kill U now?
U fuckin' right, I got a gun, U think I don't?
And what's this?
Oh, U quiet now, uh-huh

Yeah, right, it might b little but it's loud
Yeah, right, mmhmm
Now put that suitcase down
And go n there and put on that new wig I bought U
No no, no no, the reddish-brown 1
Bob, ain't that a bitch?
I gotcha

Hey Bob, if U're out there, let me see U dance
U said U was funky
C'mon, c'mon
Uh, uh uh
Ain't that a bitch?

"Come out with ur hands up"
I'll kick ur ass
"This is ur last warning"
U think I won't?
"Oh no, the nigga's got a rifle, let's get the hell outta here"

Is Mr. George home?
Hello, Mr. George?
This is ur conscience, motherfucker
Why don't U leave motherfuckers alone, what's wrong with U?
Well, why can't we just dance, why can't we just dance?
No, fuck that, fuck that
I don't talk about U, I don't talk about U
U little almond-shaped head ass
Who the fuck do U think this is?
I'll kick ur ass twice, uh

Bob, if U're out there, let me see U dance
U said U was funky
C'mon, uh
Uh uh, uh uh

B O B, U spell the shit backwards, what's it say?
The same motherfuckin' shit
Turn it out
Bob, ain't that a bitch?

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