Black Muse
Recorded: March 19, 2010
Released: December 12, 2015
Album: HITnRUN phase two (10th track w/ coda)

Written by Prince.
© 2015 NPG Records
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Black Muse, can talk 2 U?
What got 2 share is mighty good news
A brand new day is dawning but U & me know what 2 do
So much work 2 do now

Black Muse, we've been so abused
Our mothers were good-lookin' & our fathers were 2
But if they don't stay 2gether
We can't walk no better N these shoes
Black Muse

Long ago 2 men held 1 of us down
Another took a whip & made a terrible sound
Baby watched her father fallin' down 2 the ground
That was U & me

Black Muse, can share with U?
Just came this mornin' & it's mighty good news
They tipped the hour glass, now everything is passed
It's true

They gave the world back 2 U & me
With faces on the mountains & a dirty sea
A trillion dollar bill & no currency
Still we believe

Black Muse, we gonna make it thru
Surely, people that created rhythm & blues
Rock 'n' roll & jazz so U know were built 2 last
It's cool... (Black Muse)
Ooh-wee-ooh (Black Muse...)
Black Muse...

A new day is dawning Black Muse
A new day is dawning Black Muse
Do do do...
Da da da...

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