Better With Time
Recorded: Circa 2008
Released: March 24, 2009
Album: MPLSoUND (7th track)

Written by Prince.
© 2009 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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Time, time
Ooh, oh yeah

This might seem strange
Since so much time has passed
& since only 1 of us still looks the same
Ur words, not mine (no, not mine), baby
U'r still fine, oh yes U R
Like wine, U get better with time

So young & so naive
That never 4 once believed
That the memory of U would go thru me
Like wind goes thru the trees
Maybe if U believe, baby
That could not deceive U
U & side by side
Or somewhere N between

don't know
don't know if this is a bore
But just can no longer ignore
This fact so sublime
U get better with time
Any1 who's met U agrees
That no 1 4gets U
Most of all, not me
U can claim U'r humble & hide
But when it's true, my dear
It's not pride, no
No no

A jury of my peers would find me
Guilty of so many crimes
Becuz if chose not 2 remind U
That U get better with time
Oh, this might seem absurd
2 some1 so cultured
& 2 1 who would grace any stage
Listen 2 me now (Listen)

When the hair that frames that face
Dark brown or silvery lace
What is age but a cage?
Never mind
U'll B blind 2 not know
That U get better with time

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