Beggin' Woman Blues
  Recorded live in London on September 17, 2007 & released as 7th track on live album Indigo Nights (September 30, 2008). Written by Prince, Pleasant Joseph, Ben Raleigh & Hilda Taylor. Click to open printable lyrics.
got a beggin' woman (Well)
She beg me all the time
Beggin' woman beg me all the time
If only had a nickle, guess what?
This... beg 4 a dime, oh yes she did
Just poverty-stricken, wait

I got a beggin' woman (Well)
Always beggin' me
Take her 2 the mall (Uh-huh)
She want every little thing she sees (Everything)
She even beg a second 4 a minute
She beg a long-haired possum outta tree (Uh-huh)
Oh yes she did (Haha... yes, yes)
ain't thru talkin' about her (Talk about it)

She beg my Aunt Gertrude
She even beg my Uncle Jake
She even tried 2 beg the sweetness
Outta my grandma's lemon cake
Oh, got a beggin' woman
She beg me, beg me all the time
still love her tho (Uh-huh)
But got 1 more thing got 2 say
U know what, hang on

She's a cockeyed woman 2 (Haha... right)
She look both ways at the same time
don't know what she lookin' at
just know 'm gettin' tired of tryin'

She ask me 4 the pepper (Uh-huh)
When she lookin' at the salt
Everytime try 2 guess right
It's always little Prince's fault
Beggin' woman
Hey, she beg me all the time
(Haha... yes...)

Oh no no no, ain't thru
& she's 3-handed 2 (Uh-huh)
She know just what 2 do
She's right-handed, left-handed, mm
& underhanded 2

With her right hand she'll enbrace U
While her left hand dims the lights
All the time she's rehearsin'
4 another date she got 2morrow night
3-handed woman
She ain't gon' never, never, never treat me right
That's OK
Don't cry 4 me cuz I'm gonna talk about her

With her left hand she'll caress U
With her right hand she'll straighten ur tie
When U ain't lookin', she up on the phone
Callin' some other nappy-headed guy
Right-handed, left-handed & underhanded 2

1 more thing
When she says goodnight, mm
She say, "U the 1, U the 1 that I'm about"
But U know when U steppin' N
Some other man is steppin' out
Oh, she thinks she's slick
But she cockeyed, she beg & she got 3 hands
Well well well

But 'm lookin' 4 somebody that can uh... mm
'm lookin' 4 somebody that can just... mmm...
(Tell 'em Clevis)
Ooh, keep, keep
Lookin' 4 somebody that can just keep satisfied

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