Beautiful Strange
  Recorded summer 1998 & released on home video Beautiful Strange (August 24, 1999) & as 11th track on remix album Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (April 30, 2001). Written by Prince. Click to open printable lyrics.
Strangely beautiful, beautiful strange
That's what we say instead of the name
If U count the times he took all the blame
Well, well
Then U would find the reason behind the game
Beautiful strange

N the darkness we must look 4 the way
2 the light
Words so strange that only the mind can say
Say, say
If it makes no mind what color or holy day
Y is this game the only 1 that we play?
Beautiful strange

Ooh, doo
Ooh, doo

Dive inside ur soul if U wanna know
The light inside the darkness 4ever glows
The sun is like a diamond inside the coal
& like an embryo, it grows & grows & grows & grows
Beautiful strange
Oh, beautiful strange
Oh, beautiful strange
Oh so strange
Beautiful strange
Oh, beautiful strange
Oh! (Beautiful strange)

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