Art Official Cage
Recorded circa 2014 and released as the 1st track on the album Art Official Age (September 26, 2014). Written by Prince.

Welcome home class
U've come a long way

Mine damer og herrer {Ladies and gentlemen}
Konger og dronninger og alt det midt imellem
{Kings and queens and everything n between}
Velkommen til timen {Welcome 2 the hour}
I skal til at gøre noget der vil forandre jeres liv for evigt (Cage)
{U need 2 do something that will change ur life 4ever}
Åbn dette bur! {Open this cage!}

Come on, let's go
Come free the people, come on, let's go
Free the people, free the people

I woke up n the city n a bit of a rage
Determined 2 free my mind from this artificial cage
Thought by thought my teachers taught from an early age
A place n heaven far off n the future (Ooh)

Come on, let's go
Come free the people, come on, let's go
Artificial, artificial cage (Let's go)

Ghettos 2 the left of me, malls 2 the right
Why's my kingdom come only n prayers at night?
What should I expect if I'm not willing 2 fight?
A place n heaven somewhere n the future (Ooh)

Artificial, artificial, artificial cage

Louder than a bomb since the day of my birth
Got me 2nd class when I got here 1st
Lovely story but how am I supposed 2 know what it's worth?
Art official age n the future (Ooh)

Free the people, come on, let's go
Startin' from the top, gettin' higher so
Never goin' back underwater, no
Brand new boogie without the "hey yo"
As sure Minneapolis get this snow
I'm goin' up Lady Liberty's dress and blow, blow, blow
Artificial cage (Free the people)
Artificial, artificial cage

Cage, cage (Art official cage)
Cage, cage (We need U 2 tell us what U know...)
Art official cage
That's so cold (Art official cage) (Woo)
Art official cage
Art official cage
Art official cage

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