Another Boy
Recorded circa 2008 & released as a single (September 30, 2008) & 9th track on Bria Valente's album Elixer (3rd disc of Lotusflow3r set - March 24, 2009). Written by Prince & Bria Valente. Click to open printable lyrics.

Yeah, breakdown
Minneapolis style, uh

Every time another boy speaks
If they catchin' feelings & they wanna get with me
don't hear no evil or C it
Don't matter anyway cuz they'll never B with me
got what want & he's home
Waitin' on me 2 call him on the phone
2 ask him what he wants from the store
give him what he needs &, baby, so much more

Ain't another man that can make me love him
Cuz only place God & the sky above him
He's the 1 that brings me joy
As long as we're 2gether, there'll never B another boy

Everywhere we go, people stare (Think they don't?)
They could B jealous but just don't care ( don't care)
Perception ain't really the truth
They could never ever take me away from U (Uh-uh)
Every time another boy pass
think about how sad was N the past (Yeah)
Hopin' with a knife N my back
That everything was cool but he was makin' plans

Just another failed romance
Cuz a 1-trick pony ain't got no chance (No)
Don't need any other toy (Another toy)
Cuz, baby, U'r my lover, there'll never B another boy
Oh, oh

Sister & my mother, father & my brother
This is what the difference will B
The only 1 that lasts thru all of history, uh
Yeah, uh
Uh, right there

Every time another boy speaks
Kind words of praise or fantasy
2 me, they'r just another boy
& not the coolest boy who brings me joy (Yep)

(There'll never B another boy) {repeat}
Uh, cuz got him
Yes, it's U, baby (Uh-huh)
Like water 4 chocolate
'll do anything, anything 2 make U C
That U'r the only... 1 4 me, oh
like the smell of ur sweet cologne
The " don't care" style of ur hair
Just ask & 'll cook the things U like
When them other girls' cupboards just bare, oh
Yes, it is, U C this, U got it
said it's U, babe, uh
Like water 4 chocolate
4ever, baby
There'll never B another boy

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