And God Created Woman
Recorded: December 1991
Released: October 13, 1992
Album: Love Symbol (15th track)

Written by Prince.
© 1992 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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Oh, oh

N a deep sleep fell
& the music starts 2 swell
1 of my ribs He took & it shall B
Bone of my bones
& God created woman

& we were naked & did not care
There's a time 2 take & a time 2 share
2 N love all around & all aware
Flesh of my flesh
& God created woman

Temptation sweet & so much
Surely die if neither 1 of us shall ye touch
Then again we could die from the rush
Heart of my heart
& God created woman

Oh, oh
Oh woman, my... woman
Do do doo...

N my darkest hour find
Many serpents who have lied (Lies)
Given half the chance
Still 'd run 2 ur side
Love of my love
God created woman

& if never C U again
It's alright, 4 am guilty of no sin
They can have U
But 'll have ur love N the end
Soul of my soul
God created woman {repeat}

Flesh of my flesh
Soul {repeat}
God created, God created woman {repeat}

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