All My Dreams
Recorded: April 28, 1985
Released: September 25, 2020
Album: Sign "" The Times Deluxe (3rd track - disc 4)

Written by Prince.
© 2020 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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All my dreams {repeat}

'll C U 2night N all my dreams
All my dreams
My spirit's N flight N all my dreams
All my dreams
A submarine valiantly conquers a virgin sea
A child is born, a child is born
Will U marry me?

'll teach U 2night N all my dreams
All my dreams
U'll B so surprised at things U'll C
All my dreams
Africa, Cap'n Crunch, Norma Jean, sex & Cheerios
Play my record double speed
& feel the climax fit 4 a king
Just fun - nothing ethereal

Here ye, here ye, 1 & all
The double speed playhouse is making a call

Welcome, this is where live
This is where dream my dreams
2night we'll make love until the world stops turning
U R small but very strong
U move like a cat
Quickly but gentle
So insane
He caressed her N her eyes
& licked her abdomen
She shivered with delight
Over & over she nibbled his ear
U'd think it was wrong 2 have so much fun
He held her tightly until it almost hurt
But his hips - they moved so slowly
She wanted 2 stop breathing
U can feel every curve of ur womanhood
U can C every thought N his brain
A submarine slowly moves thru the virgin sea
Oh so slowly, she wants 2 stop breathing
U can feel every curve

Lisa, 'm gonna give U the brush
& U'r gonna paint the side of the train

She squeezes tighter as the submarine goes deeper N depth
N2 unnavigated territory
A smile, ever so slight, appears on his face
So she starts 2 cry
So they come 2gether slowly
They wish 4 something
As if they could C a parallel future N the sea
They do not speak
They only stare
Out this moment N time

Marry me 2day & 2night we'll make love
Until the world stops turning

'm dreaming of a world
Wherein there shines the sun
Wherein there gleam the stars
Wherein there lie the stones
Gentle, but quickly

La la la la...
We'll travel 2night N all my dreams
All my dreams

All my dreams, all my dreams
Goodness will guide us if love is inside us
The colors R brighter
The bond is much tighter
U know no child's a failure until the blue sailboat
Sails him away from his dreams (Yes)
Don't ever lose, don't ever lose
Don't ever lose ur dreams

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