God Is Alive
Recorded: June 1988 (ft. Mavis Staples co-vox)
Written by Prince.
© 1988 The Prince Estate
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Flash! Flash!
Jack just got the news
"God is alive! God is alive!"

Whoa... God is alive

News is comin' like a hurricane
Comin' down hard on those who live N vain
Treatin' each other funky when U know we're all the same
God is alive & this is not a game

Whoa (Oh hey)
Whoa (C'mon)
Whoa (He's alive)
God is alive

News is comin' like a dog N heat
He's lookin' 4 soldiers with strong feet (Whoa)
That can dance on whoever can't say His name
God is alive, this is not a game (Listen, ooh)

Whoa (Listen)
Whoa (Yeah, 'm a witness)
Whoa (Do U believe?) (Ooh yeah)
God is alive

All of His children come take a blissy ride
4 all who C Him, 4 all He lives inside
U can B so happy, purely satisfied
God is alive, oh!

Alive, alive! (Whoa)
1 step at a time, we need new rhyme (Alive)
Up with education, down with crime

Whoa (God is alive!)
Whoa... God is alive
Alive, alive!
God is alive! {repeat sample}
Whoa... (Oh yeah)
Whoa... (Oh, oh yeah, oh)

(Whoa) {repeat}
Woke me up this morning
Started me on my day
Got my health & strength, y'all
can truly say... ooh, He's alive, yeah
Oh, He's alive
All over me
Oh, He's alive

(Whoa) (God is alive!) {repeat}
'm a livin' witness that God's alive
'm a livin' witness He's alive
Do U believe that He's alive?
Do U believe, oh, He's alive?
Ooh, yes He is, sho'nuff He is
Well, oh
Every breath breathe lets me know
Every step take lets me know
Every song sing, oh, lets me know
Oh, God is alive

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