Recorded: February 7, 1984 (instrumental version)
Re-recorded: August 19, 1984 (vocal)
Released: September 10, 1984 (B-side single)
Album: Purple Rain Deluxe (8th track - disc 3)

Written by Prince.
© 1984 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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N the beginning
There was God
He made the earth
& the heavens
He gave us light
2 rule the day
& another light
2 rule the night

Thy Lord, thy God
He made, He made the seas
He made the fruit
Upon the trees
When He saw...
When He saw that it was good
He made a man, He made a man
Only He could, only He could, huh

God made U
God made me 2
He made us all
He made us all equally
Now U say it
God made U
God made me
He made us all equally

Wake up children
Dance the Dance Electric
There isn't much time
Who screamed?
Was it U?

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