Recorded: Spring 2013
Released: May 16, 2013 (single)
Album: PLECTRUMELECTRUM (6th track)

Written by Prince.
© 2013 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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Tell me how some people walk N the sun
While others just walk N the dark
Lookin' at the world thru a barrel of a gun
Hands behind their back N a parked car
N America U might fair better
But N London U'r sure 2 B toast
U always get the dream that U deserve
From what U value the most

U need 2 fixurlifeup!
Fix it up

Girl with a guitar is 12 times better
Than another crazy band of boys
Tryin' 2 B a star when U'r just another brick
N the misogynistic wall of noise
When the leaders learn how 2 follow
& let all the people lead
Instead of everybody gettin' what they want
They can get what they need

U need 2 fixurlifeup!


Don't worry about what the crowd does
Just worry 'bout being good at what U love
Don't make this complicated, U know it's true
Don't make us put somebody else N 4 U

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