Recorded: Circa 2006
Released: March 24, 2009
Album: LOtUSFLOW3R (4th track)

Written by Prince.
© 2009 NPG Records, M&D by Legacy Recordings
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If never get 2 hold ur hand
If never get 2 B ur man
That's OK cuz got other plans
Right now, right now

If never get 2 kiss ur lips
If never get 2 feel ur hips
Close 2 me
That's OK, ain't gonna trip
Not now, no how

Cuz 've got 4ever
4ever, oh
Eternity is just 1 kiss away
So they say

The Opera, Jill Scott or the Fair
Cyprus - if never get 2 take U swimmin' there
(Let's rock on boat)
If U never know how much care, oh
swear, U know what?
It's not fair, no

If never get 2 make U laugh, oh
If U never get 2 take a bubble bath
U C, don't wanna part with U
Not 2night
If U gonna B a part of my past (Don't do it)
just want, just want... listen

just want 4ever
Oh, just want 4ever
Eternity is just 1 kiss away
What U say?

So many things
We can do N the new world
can B ur future lover
& U can B my future girl

If never get 2 C ur smile, mmm
Underneath the white veil
Walkin' up the aisle
So just might go crazy
might go wild
So let me tell U, baby
Stop lookin' at me like that
Unless U want me 2 bite that

4ever (Oh, U know what 'm talkin' about)
4ever (Yeah, ooh)
Eternity is just 1 kiss away
What U say?
4ever (Yeah, Lord)
4ever (Lord)
A million 2morrows (Yeah!)
Is better than 1 day (Whoo! No)
Not till it's, not till it's 4ever (Alright)
don't wanna kiss ur lips until get 2...
Ooh, ur hips

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