Recorded around autumn 1996 and released as the 3rd track on the album The Truth (4th disc of Crystal Ball set - January 29, 1998). Written by Prince.

Using a special code he accessed his mind
N search of the reason why
N passion and fashion he began traveling time
3rd eye, 3rd eye, 3rd eye

The serpent approves
Then appears between Adam's thighs
And he tries 2 release upon Eve the nectar
The injector tries
He tries, he tries, he tries

So abduction complete
All stand on their feet
Look at 1 another and cry

What have we done?
Could this b the fun
On the dotted line 4 which I did sign?

Yeah yeah

I resign from the notion
Because urs was the potion
That I'm supposed 2 die 4
I resign

N self-pity so dark
This shitty and stark
Realization is all that will soothe

Ultimately the only 1
That can save U is U
Ur God is inside and 4 that God U will do
Whatever it takes
If nothing else is true
The only 1 that can save U is U, yeah


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