1+1+1 Is 3

Recorded: Circa 2000
Released: October 16, 2001
Album: The Rainbow Children (8th track)

Written by Prince.
© 2001 NPG Records, M&D by Legacy Recordings
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As she fell n2 the sensual ever after
Out of body, out of mind
He stroked her hair a hundred times
& as she fell deeper n2 the hypnotic unwind
He counted his way n2 the suggestive mind
Planting a seed that bears fruit on the tree
He said, "Repeat after me, repeat after me, repeat after me
1+1+1 is 3"

Stroke ur hair a hundred times
Let me C what can find

Look, if U ain't got no place 2 stay (No place)
C'mon, baby, around this way
U can stay with me, baby
But let me tell ya
Let me tell U how it's gonna B
There's a theocratic order (Hey)
There's a theocratic order now (There's a way U gotta do things)

This is how it's gonna B
If U wanna B with me
Ain't no room 4 disagree (No room)
1+1+1 is 3
Take ur time & think it thru (Think about it)
If this is what U wanna do (Woo)
ain't really that hard 2 please
Cuz 1+1+1 is 3

Say baby, 'm fixin' 2 play with my thang
(Play with it)
Play with it

Stroke ur hair a hundred times
Let me C what can find
Do U know about the order?
Do U know about the order now?
U don't know nothin' about that, mm

We R the banished ones & we have come 2 dance
If U will not let us, we'll have 2 kick ur pants
{repeat lines}

Who's that knockin' on our door?
Didn't we throw U out b4?
'm about 2 get rowdy
Look out, 'm about 2 get rowdy now
It make me wanna do somethin'
Uh, whoo
We could B surrounded N the palace (Everybody wants 2 get U)
don't care

How many of y'all just came 2 dance?
Let me C U shake ur pants
We don't give a duck what U got on
U just need 2 work that sexy body all night long
Come on

Where them banished ones at? (Said they around the back)
Don't cut 'em no slack ('mo tap, tap, tap)
Then should keep this party goin'? (Brother, U know that)
Moneyapolis, sing!
Rainbow Children, raise ur hand
If we can't do it, nobody can

Huh, here they come, y'all
Rally around the palace now
U know what we got 2 do
Ah, come on
wonder how that fool get up N here?

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