Recorded summer 1980 and released as the 5th track on Dirty Mind album (October 8, 1980). The edit version was released on The Hits / The B-Sides set (1993) and 4Ever (2016). Written by Prince and André Cymone (bassline).

She saw me walkin' down the streets of ur fine city
It kinda turned me on when she looked at me and said, "Come here"
Now I don't usually talk 2 strangers but she looked so pretty
What can I lose if I... just give a little ear?
"What's up little girl? I ain't got time 2 play"
And when I didn't say 2 much, she said, "R U gay?"
Kinda took me by surprise, I didn't know what 2 do
I just looked her n her eyes and I said, "No, r U?"
Said 2 myself, said, "She's just a crazy... little mixed up dame
She's just a victim of society and all it's games"

Now where I come from we don't let society
Tell us how it's supposed 2 b
Our clothes, our hair, we don't care
It's all about bein' there

Everybody's goin' uptown, that's where I wanna b
Uptown, set ur mind free
Uptown got my body hot
Get down, I don't wanna stop, no

As soon as I got there, good times were rollin'
White, black, Puerto Rican, everybody just-a-freakin'
Good times were rollin'
She started dancin' n the streets, oh
The girl, she's just gone mad
U know she even made love 2 me, ooh
The best that I ever had, oh
I don't usually talk 2 strangers, this time it's alright
See, she got me hot, uh, I couldn't stop
Good times were rollin' all night, all night, yeah

Now where I come from, we don't give a damn
We do whatever we please
It ain't about no downtown, nowhere bound narrow-minded drag
It's all about bein' free

Everybody's goin' uptown, that's where I wanna b
Uptown, U can set ur mind free, yeah
Uptown keep ur body hot
Get down, I don't wanna stop, no

Oh yeah
Everybody's goin', everybody's goin'
Everybody gotta, gotta uptown
Go... gotta go uptown
Yeah... oh Lord
Gotta go go go
Baby, I've gotta go, gotta go uptown
C'mon, c'mon
U... have 2, U gotta go uptown
Oh yeah

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