U Want Me
Unreleased track recorded circa 2002; a live version was recorded as medley with Strollin' on December 15, 2002 and released on Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas DVD (August 19, 2003). Written by Prince.

By the way U look at me I can tell U fancy me
As sure as there's salt n the sea, U want me
By the way U came 4 me and whispered things so lovingly
Blah blah blah - we were meant 2 b, U just want me

Sublime the rhyme that comes from thee
How flowers held up next 2 me
Prove that all n all is no theory, U want me

Spoken words - unnecessary
U and I were born 2 marry
Immaculate and duty-free, U want me
When I wake up next 2 U
I reminisce on what we do
Any morning U please, U want me

Pendulum the velvet swing
Torso wrapped n scissors bring
Out the banshee colored wail, b-b-baby
U want me

I want U 2

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