Recorded early 2015 and released via Spotify stream (July 30, 2015) and as the 5th track on the album HITnRUN phase two (December 12, 2015). Written by Prince.

Oh baby

1st thing's 1st, we like U 2 stare
We used 2 go on stage n our underwear
We changed up, we got a brand new beat
Now we got the summers poppin' n the street
They all stare
Can I help U?
Everybody jam cuz this party's goin' ham, just stare
Can I help U?
Ain't nobody stoppin' cuz we got this party poppin' now

The 2nd thing's 1st, we know U got thirst
But we like it when U're fiendin' 4 the funk until it hurts
Ur hair
Can U blame me?
Every time U whip it 2 the beat, it make a brotha just stare
Sister freak me
Nobody got a chance, U need 2 back up, let me show U how 2 dance
Oh yeah
Can I get a kiss?

(Hold on)
I pull out a tune
Hurry now, tell me what U wanna do
Do U wanna? {panting}
Do U wanna? {panting}
Sexy dancer {panting}
Sexy dancer (Do U wanna?) {panting}

(Do U wanna?) {panting}
U don't wanna fake it cuz U know we couldn't take it
But we like it when U shake it, baby, careful not 2 break it
(Do U wanna?) {panting}
Don't break it, baby
Don't break it now
(Do U wanna?) {panting}

Last thing's last, I need ur number fast
I'd rather let the music talk while U and me walk n2 the past
N2 the past
Until then

Stare {repeat}

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