Soft And Wet
Original unreleased version recorded summer 1976; re-recorded with different lyrics and released as the 3rd track on the album For You (April 7, 1978) and later on The Hits / The B-Sides (1993) and 4Ever (2016). Written by Prince & Chris Moon.


Hey lover, I've got a sugarcane
That I wanna lose n U, baby, can U stand the pain?
Hey lover, sugar, don't U see?
There's so many things that U do 2 me
Ooh baby

All I wanna see is the love n ur eyes (Hey lover)
And all I wanna hear is ur sweet love sighs
All I wanna feel, this burnin' flame (Hey lover)
Tell me, tell me, baby, that U feel the same
Tell me that U feel the same way I do
Tell me that U love me, girl

If this is lust, then I must confess I feel it every day
If this is wrong, then I long 2 b as far from right as I may

Soft and wet, ah-uh ah-uh ah-uh, soft and wet

Soft and wet, ah-uh ah-uh ah-uh, soft and wet

Everytime I am with U, U just love me 2 death
Ooh wee baby, U leave me without, huh, breath
Oh baby
Ooh yeah

U're just as soft as a lion tamed (Hey lover)
And U're just as wet as the evening rain
I really dig it when U call my name (Hey lover)
Ur love is drivin' me, U're drivin' me insane
Crazy, baby, oh girl, crazy about ur love

Soft and wet
U know U r soft and wet
4 sure, girl, ur love is soft and wet
Ooh, soft and wet

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