So Blue
Recorded winter 1977 and released as the 8th track on the album For You (April 7, 1978). Written by Prince.

I had everything I needed
But now my life is so blue
U meant the world 2 me
But now U're gone and I'm so blue
Even though the sun is shinin'
Ooh woo
I spend my day, I spend my day cryin' over U, yeah
I will spend my day cryin' over U
Oh I, oh I feel just like the sky
Oh, I'm so blue

Mmm now baby, don't U know, baby, don't U know
I spend my nights all alone talkin' 2 myself?
I'm so blue
And every day the feelin' gets stronger
Ooh woo
And who's 2 say just how much longer
I can spend my nights all alone
Talkin' 2 myself and justa cryin' over U
I guess I'll just spend my life so... so blue

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