Oui Can Luv
Recorded on August 31, 2011 (w/ Andy Allo vox and Prince on acoustic guitar) and released via Facebook and as 8th track on album Oui Can Luv (streamed on Tidal for 12 hours only November 7, 2015). The orginal title was recorded in 1986 and then re-worked in 1989. Written by Prince.

I could tell U stories till U get tired, I could play with ur mind
But U'd probably say that I was a liar so I won't waste ur time
I'm scared cuz though we just met, there's this energy between us
Let's just go somewhere, we can love

I could tell U things 2 get U excited, things U never heard
U know the Kama Sutra? I could rewrite it with half as many words
But I'm scared cuz if I don't kiss ya, I'm gonna go mad, baby
Take off all ur clothes, we can love

I'm the merry that'll make ur world go round
I am what U wanna do
And when I drink U up, U'll never wanna come down
I'll quench my thirst with U
I'm scared, once I really getcha, U'll never go back, baby
I think it's time we go somewhere, we can love

Ooh, we can stop this cat and mouse game if U want 2
And our fate will b sealed
And I could put my things n the middle of ur house, I want 2
How does that feel?
I'm scared cuz pretty girls like U make boys like me turn 2 fools
I don't care where, we just got 2

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