Melody Cool (unreleased version)
Originally recorded (w/ Prince vox) July 1987; re-recorded again circa 1989. The released version (w/ Mavis Staples vox) appears on album Graffiti Bridge (August 20, 1990). Written by Prince.

They call me Melody Cool (Melody...)
I make and break every rule (Melody...)
If U taunt me, I'll leave U cuz I'm nobody's fool (Melody...)
I'm Melody Cool

When I was born there were tidal waves (Melody...)
Whole town went under, nobody saved (Melody...)
At every funeral it rained every time I sang (Melody...)
Melody Cool
Da da da da... (Melody...)
I have been here much longer, much longer than U (Melody...)
I'm Melody Cool

Everybody runnin' around talkin' about savin' souls
When they know good and plenty well
They got enough trouble tryin' 2 save their own
Ooh oh... yeah

Every woman and every man, yeah (Melody...)
1 day they just got 2 understand, oh (Melody...)
If we play n the same key, everything could b melody cool
Yeah (Melody...)
Melody Cool (Melody...)
Well, yeah (Melody...)
New power, wave ur hand, everybody sing across the land
Say, "Hey hey hey" (Hey hey hey)
Everybody say, "Hey hey hey" (Hey hey hey)
Alright, hey hey hey (Hey hey hey)
They call me Melody Cool (Melody)
Melody Cool {repeat}

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