Love Like Jazz
Recorded on November 19, 2004 and released as the 7th track on the album Lotusflow3r (March 24, 2009). Written by Prince.


Hey baby, what's ur name?
Do U wanna play a game?
Play it like we don't know when
We'll ever get 2 play again
Experimental so brand new
The things I wanna do with U
Like a physical kind of blue
Come on, baby, let's get 2 it

I want a lover that can improvise
I need a lover that can make me cry

Baby, I don't care what U
Learned n love makin' school
U and me, we 'bout 2 jam (We gon' jam, baby)
Make love like the 1st woman and man
I don't wanna know ahead of time
The notes U play should b a reaction 2 mine
Nothing planned or contrived
Then both of us will arrive... destination

I wanna feel like I've been hypnotized
If U think U can, then let's go 4 a ride
Let's go 4 a ride, baby
Let's go

Do it 2 me, baby
Now dig
Love like jazz, love like jazz
Love like jazz
Love like jazz

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