Look At Me, Look At U
Recorded circa 2015 and released as the 4th track on the album HITnRUN phase two (December 12, 2015). Written by Prince.

Whoa yeah, oh

Look at me, tell me what U see
The back and 4th of an earthquake goes strong and sturdy tree
I ask myself this question but it's still a mystery
How I'm gonna keep my balance when I look at U?
How can U not know?
Standing over there like a Nefertiti or the queen Dido
Please don't think 2 ill of me, it's all that I can do
Not 2 feel myself when I look at U

Modesty aside, whoever made U should b praised (Yes)
Ain't no need 2 hide, every glass should b raised
Brandy or martini, kudos overdue, uh
What else is there really when I look at U?

Fight it, yes, my soul has tried when U look at me
All other women just roll their eyes but even Ray Charles can see U
Stevie Wonder can 2
Thoughts well up n wonder thinkin' about me and U
A dozen fantasies, yeah
Call me "1 and done" when U look at me

Look at U look at me

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