Insatiable (unreleased camera version)
Second unreleased version features more dialogue about camera recording a private movie. The original version was edited and released as the 12th track on Diamonds And Pearls album (October 1, 1991). Written by Prince.

R U recording?

My my, yeah

Turn the lights off, strike a candle
No 1 that I've ever knows how 2 handle
My body the way U truly do
Insatiable's my name when it comes 2 U
I got a jones, Martha
Oh yeah, it b like this
I can't have a hug unless I have a kiss

My body, baby, U truly do
Insatiable's my name when it comes 2 U
Like a wildcat, Martha, n a celibate rage
I want U alone n my dirty little cage
Can U understand, Martha?

My body, baby, U truly do
Insatiable's my name when it comes 2 U
Oh (Ooh...)

I give n2 U up on command
Cuz if I don't my satisfaction is damned
I can't stand it, Martha

My body, baby, U truly do
Insatiable's my name when it comes 2 U
Baby, baby
Insatiable, insatiable (My body, baby, U truly do)
Insatiable's my name when it comes 2 U

2night we video
No 1 will ever know
We'll erase the naughty bits
I'll show my... if U show ur...
I can't help it, Martha
I can't help what U do 2 me (She's my fantasy) (Ooh, insatiable...)
U r my every fantasy (She's my fantasy) (Ooh, insatiable...)

There's no tellin' how far I'd go
Cuz when it comes 2 U, I know
I'm insatiable and I just can't stop
Even if I wasn't thirsty I would drink every drop
Please baby, don't say no
Cuz I'll surely go crazy

So all U do is push the little red button
And I belong 2 U n ur little video box
Nay, don't look at the clock, yeah
It's 2:45, we got all night
But 1st U gotta tell me what U want me 2 do
No, I don't mind
Go ahead and turn the camera on
I'll just pretend this is a private movie
I had a little wine, U have anything stronger?
So, baby, I'm little gone
Yeah, that's what I'll blame this on
We got a lot of time

So take it slow, baby, and let's unwind
U say U like my hair long (Yes)
Then put the camera on it (Ooh)
Do U mind if I hold ur hand? (No)
I'm sorry, it's just that I miss U
Can U understand that? (Ooh)

Turn the lights down lower
Doesn't my body look good n the shadows?
Just {muah} ooh, baby knows what 2 do (U're so smart)
Have U done this b4? (I don't know)
U say U want my hips up n the air? (Yeah)
Oh no, I don't care
If my boys, huh, if they could see me now, yeah, they might laugh
But this is just me and U and they don't know the half
Ooh, I'm fallin', fallin'... (Oh...)

Up and down like a what?
Baby, what U smokin'? (Just like the seesaw back and forth)
Oh girl, I'm fallin'
I had no idea U possessed such a mind
U're nastier than I thought
It's just 2:49

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