Recorded circa 2014 (w/ 3rdEyeGirl) and released via Yahoo! Live video stream and a year later on Tidal video stream. Written by Prince.

If U and I were alone n a quiet place
This 1 thing I swear
I'd make U lick the tears right off my face
Cuz U put each 1 of them there

If U and I were astronauts, I'd blast U off
Off n2 space
I'd find some moon and leave U all marooned
Chained 2 a mountain-like waste

Not sure where U came from but I know where U're goin'
U broke my heart a dozen times without even knowin'
Indifference sad 2 say, that's how I feel
I got the slightest bruise upon my heel

If U and I were testifyin' n a critical case
Everyone would see who U r
Trapped n a corner with that smug look on ur face
Tryin' 2 find the keys 2 ur raggedy car

Nightmare runnin' n place while ur puppeteers give chase
Danglin' from ur devil cigar
Trapped n the past, U're gonna get nowhere fast
Time U'll find is really just far

U wanna b Teresa but U act like a whore
U want the best of people then just walk out the door
I'll make another masterpiece, but guess what?
U'll still, U'll still b a bore

Come get this here
Check this

If U and I were alone n a quiet place

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