Gotta Broken Heart Again
Recorded summer 1980 and released as the 4th track on Dirty Mind album (October 8, 1980). A live version was released as a promo titled Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas (2003). Written by Prince.

I gotta broken heart again
Cuz my only supposed 2 b friend
U see he... he stole my old lady away from me
And now I'm just as blue as I can b

I gotta broken heart again
Cuz I ain't got no money 2 spend
U see I... I spent it all on a long distance phone call
Beggin' her 2 please come home, yeah

Oh yeah

It doesn't matter what I do
I can't stop, ah, thinkin' about U
The little things U said
The things U do 2 me n bed
Oh baby, I can't get U outta my head

I gotta broken heart again, yeah
This time it's serious, it feels just like the end
Cuz once ur love has gone away
There ain't nothin', nothin' left 2 say
Oh yeah ooh

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