Love U, But Don't Trust U Anymore
Recorded spring 1999 (ft. Ani DiFranco on acoustic guitar) and released as the 13th track on Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic album (November 9, 1999) and again as the 10th track on Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic album (April 30, 2001). Written by Prince.

Rolling... ahem

I could tell from the moment U walked n the room
That it wasn't ur dress U had on, that wasn't ur perfume
And what happened 2 the ring that I gave U, what am I 2 assume?
I love U, but I don't trust U anymore

U could tell from the moment U looked n my eyes
That I could see right thru U, U must apologize
I've always given U the best n life, even n the wrong, it was right
I know U trust me, but U don't love me anymore, no

I remember meeting U here n the good old days
I would never pick the flower of my favorite protégé
Maybe if I would have then U would not treat me this way
U tricked me, but U will not anymore, no no
I love U, but I don't trust U anymore

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