Recorded circa 2007 (duet w/ Prince) and released as the 10th track on Bria Valente album Elixer (3rd disc of Lotusflow3r set - March 24, 2009). The song title is a sexual connotation meaning "He Licks Her." Written by Prince.

I can see ur face every time
Anywhere, any place n my mind
If my guard is ever low
Mmmm, there's a place that I can go


U can fight n vain
But I'm gonna have my way
All night and all day
7 tears fall like rain (Joy and pain)
N between the joy and pain (Fall like rain)
Ooh wee, baby

Elixer (Ooh)
Elixer (Ooh)
Elixer (Ooh wee, baby)
N between the joy and pain
Elixer (Ooh)
Elixer (Oh)
Yes he does

Hand n hand woman and man
Thru the tallest doors, up the stairs
2 animals spawning n a river (Watch it, boo)
They go there
Ooh wee, baby

Oh elixer (Up and down)
Elixer (Round and round)
Elixer (Don't stop, baby) (Yeah) (Oh)
Oh elixer (Oh)

Write this down
With his pen, ink and tongue (Emit the sound of machinations)
Is this real or all n fun? (City noise)
He writes it there (Oh yes, he writes it)
Writes it there
Naked girl, naked boy (A single word that she heard)
They lay exposed, can U hear it? (Oh yes, she heard it)
Can U hear it fully clothed?

Oh elixer (It's early n the day 4 their relationship)
Elixer (N truth he hardly knows her except 4 her lips)
Elixer (And she moans, sighs and groans)
Oh elixer (Ooh baby, ooh)
Elixer (I'm gonna do U now) (Do it, baby)
Elixer (U're almost there, baby)

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