Don't You Wanna Ride?
Unreleased track recorded circa 1976. Written by Prince.

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Met a foxy lady down n New Orleans
Finest little woman that I ever did see
When I asked her, "Baby, what do U do 4 fun?"
She said, "U look young enough 2 b my son"
And I kept on singin', yeah
Yeah... {scatting}

She made me feel real bad but I did not buy
I just came right on out with this funky reply
I said, "I may b young but would U rather me b old?
My money is still green and my love is made of gold"
Oh yeah, yeah... {scatting}

She said, "Come over here, little daddy, come on, go with me
I wanna see ur golden love
Don't worry about the money
I wanna find out just what U're made of"
Hey {scatting}

Went 2 her apartment way across town
Sure was a long way 2 go just 2 get down
My hands began 2 tremble once we got inside
She looked at me and smiled and said
"Prince, do U wanna ride, do U wanna ride?"
Do U wanna ride, do U wanna ride?

She took me by the hand and led me 2 her boat
We flipped a coin 2 see who would stroke
Heads! I won so I took the oar
Then I rowed and rowed until she couldn't stand it no more
And I kept on singin'
Kept on singin', oh yeah (Kept on singin', right on singin')
Yeah... {scatting}

When we got thru sailing, couldn't sail no more
She said, "I never been loved like this b4"
Anybody ask U who destroyed all ur pride
Tell 'em, "The golden lover did it, yes he did
And he sure knows how 2 ride"
Said, "He knows how 2 ride"
Ride, he knows how 2 ride

Yeah, I wanna feel it
Oh yeah, ur sailing days r over
I done cleaned up this town
Yeah, I done blown ur cover
Yeah, don't mess with the golden lover
Don't U want 2 ride with me, baby, don't U want 2 ride?
Don't U want 2 ride with me, baby, don't U want 2 ride?

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