Recorded circa 2008 and released as the 2nd track on the album Lotusflow3r (March 24, 2009). A rehearsal medley (w/ 3rdEyeGirl) titled BOOMSTRATUS was streamed on Vimeo account (April 3, 2013). Written by Prince; "Stratus" written by Billy Cobham.

What if another universe complete with sun and moon
The entire galaxy and what's worse, U and I 2 soon
Find each other expandin' beyond this dirty room?
Butterscotch mountains, sunshine
Boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom

Run ur fingers up and down the obelisk n the earth
Down 2 33 RPMs where the primordial gives birth
Or else we lie neck high, U and I n 1 another's grooves
Volcano magic, sometimes we go boom

Everybody knows what happens when U worship from afar
The ebb and flow of angels dancin' around the star
And if the sunrise is still n question, the answer's n the dark
Celibate mushroom canopy

Boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom

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