Better With Time
Recorded circa 2008 and released as the 7th track on the album MPLSound on March 24, 2009 (sold with album Lotusflow3r). Written by Prince.

Time, time
Ooh, oh yeah

This might seem strange since so much time has passed
And since only 1 of us still looks the same
Ur words, not mine (no, not mine), baby
U're still fine, oh yes U r
Like wine, U get better with time

So young and so naive that I never once believed
That the memory of U would go thru me
Like wind go thru the trees
Either U believe, baby, that I could not deceive U
U and I side by side or somewhere n between

I don't know, I don't know if this is a bore
But I just can no longer ignore
This fact so sublime
U get better with time
Anyone who's met U agrees
That no 1 4gets U, most of all, not me
U can claim U're humble and hide
But when it's true, my dear, it's not pride, no
No no

A jury of my peers would find me guilty of so many crimes
Because if I chose not 2 remind U that U get better with time
Oh, this might seem absurd 2 someone so cultured
And 2 1 who would grace any stage
Listen 2 me now (Listen)

When the hair that frames that face
Dark brown or silvery lace
What is age but a cage, nevermind
U'll b blind 2 not know that U get better with time

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