Initially recorded circa 1976 and released as the 6th track on the album For You (April 7, 1978). Written by Prince.


Baby, what r we gonna do?
I'm so n love with U (Doo-wah)
Baby, what r we gonna do?
I know U're n love with me 2 (Doo-wah)

Should we go on living 2gether?
Or should we get married right away?
Whatever U decide, I'll still love U, baby
And we'll grow stronger everyday

Baby, what r we gonna do?
I barely have enough money 4 2 (Doo-wah)
Baby, what r we gonna do?
I don't want 2 regret what I've done 2 U (Doo-wah)

I never would've thought that this would happen
2 a very careful man like me
But baby, pretty baby, we're gonna work it out, yeah
I love U, I love U, can't U see?

Baby, baby, baby (Oh)
It's U, I said it's U that I truly adore (Baby, baby, baby)
Oh baby, baby, oh baby, babe (Baby, baby, baby)
I hope our baby has eyes just like urs (Just like urs)

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